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Region X is totally useless if you didn't change your drive's firmware to a region-free one.
Changing your drive's firmware to a region-free one is not enough. You'll also need Region X.

Attention: I'm now dropping support for PowerPC, as I'm now unable to compile for PPC.
These tools are only a hobby, and I've got a life!

Here, you'll find:

Official Region X version is now 2.1.
Official Region Display version is now 1.5.
Official DVD Info X 3 version is now 3.0b5.
Official BorderTool version is now 0.0a6.
Official BorderTool 2 version is now 0.0b26.
Official Borderlands 2 Name Changer version is now 1.2.
Official BorderTool TPS version is now 0.0b26.